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Amsterdam, 18 oktober 2023

Foundation of Mass Tort Lawyers Association

By Damiën Berkhout

Our managing partner Damiën Berkhout is one of the founding members of the Mass Tort Lawyers Association (Vereniging Massaschade Advocaten, “VMA”). The VMA will help to further develop a strong class action system, and promote access to justice.

See for more information here (in Dutch).

Damiën Berkhout

Damiën Berkhout

Partner, dispute resolution expert


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Dutch Court to Refer Preliminary Questions to the ECJ in Collective Action Proceedings Against Apple

23 oktober 2023 - Publications

Lindenbaum partner Stefan Tuinenga wrote a blog post on the Kluwer Competition Law Blog about the decision of the District Court of Amsterdam to refer preliminary questions to the European Court of Justice (ECJ) on regional jurisdiction (also referred to as ‘territorial’ jurisdiction) in the context of a WAMCA (Act on Damages Claims in a Collective Action) collective action claim brought by representative organizations for consumers against Apple.

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Lindenbaum versterkt zich met Guido Vergouwen per 1 september 2023

1 september 2023 - Geen onderdeel van een categorie

Lindenbaum breidt haar praktijk uit met de komst van Guido Vergouwen als partner. Vergouwen zal zijn tijd verdelen tussen het Amsterdamse kantoor en een nieuw kantoor in Eindhoven, dat hij voor Lindenbaum opent.

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GDPR infringements and damages claims: the UI-case explained

5 mei 2023 - Geen onderdeel van een categorie

The ECJ has provided its decision in the UI/Österreichische Post AG case (“UI-case”). The decision is important, because it further clarifies under which conditions damages can be claimed in response to GDPR-infringements. In this contribution, we outline the key findings by the ECJ in the UI-case.

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