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Lindenbaum's expertise

Lindenbaum is a litigation firm. We focus on what we do best: resolving disputes. We strategically enforce your rights by combining our expertise and experience with decisive action.

Antitrust/ competition litigation

We have been involved as lead counsel in most of the major antitrust litigation cases in the Netherlands. We have unique insights into the strategies of the defence side because we helped devise these strategies as defence attorneys.

Corporate Litigation

We represent stakeholders such as shareholders, investors, board members, creditors and the works counsel in various corporate litigation affairs. Our experience runs the full gamut from director’s liability cases to business (post)acquisition disputes.

Collective actions

We have represented plaintiffs or defendants in more than fifteen major collective action cases. Our attorneys have experience with successfully representing parties in Dutch collective damages (WAMCA) and collective settlement (WCAM) cases, as well as mass tort actions based on the mandate or assignment model.

Financial litigation

We represent corporates and large groups in litigation against financial institutions. We have specific expertise in pursuing civil law damages claims involving breach of contract and fiduciary duties. Our attorneys have successfully obtained eight- and nine-figure settlements on behalf of clients.

Commercial litigation

We represent clients in contract disputes and tort cases. Our firm has specific expertise in dealing with cross-border disputes, civil procedural law (including jurisdictional questions, attachments of assets and execution disputes) and professional liability cases.