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Lindenbaum is a litigation firm. We focus on what we do best: resolving disputes. We strategically enforce your rights, by combining our expertise and experience with decisive action.

We specialize in commercial litigation, antitrust litigation, corporate litigation and class actions. We look for amicable solutions where possible, and vigorously pursue our clients’ claims before the Dutch courts when litigation is the best option. Our clients are corporates, institutional investors, shareholders, management boards as well as groups, such as groups of companies or consumers.

Our DNA is described in four words:


Because we have experience as both defence and plaintiff counsel, we know what the other side will do, and how to effectively combat their strategies. We devised many of these legal strategies ourselves, giving us unique insights that we use to pursue our clients’ goals, in and out of court.


We successfully represent our clients in multi-billion euro claims. Our attorneys have, for example, been involved in the largest European competition law follow-on claims in the Netherlands, such as the Air cargo and Trucks cartel cases, and the largest securities case settlement in Europe, the Fortis/Ageas settlement. We obtained multi-million euro settlements for investors and have successfully represented both plaintiff and defence clients in class actions. Our attorneys have been involved in the earliest WAMCA and assignment cases in the Netherlands.


We specialize in cases with cross-border effects. A substantial amount of our work involves assisting our clients with international disputes outside of the Netherlands. We work with integrated teams of experts around the world. We are an independent law firm and we select only the best co-counsel and experts for our clients.


We work with modern tools, such as AI discovery and data analysis tools. We also provide tailored fee arrangements, such as project fees, deferred fees and success fees. We are a true strategic partner for our clients.

About our name

Our firm’s name is inspired by the Lindenbaum v Cohen judgment of the Dutch Supreme Court from 1919. This decision marked a turning point in the development of Dutch tort law. The Supreme Court found that injured parties can enforce their rights when duties of care are breached, even if there is not a breach of contract or statute. Our name is also a reference to the linden tree, a place where justice was spoken in Germanic and Celtic cultures. That is our mission: to ensure that our clients can enforce their rights.