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Amsterdam, 1 February 2023

Lindenbaum opens its Amsterdam office

By Damiën Berkhout

The law firm Lindenbaum opens its offices in Amsterdam. The firm specializes in complex commercial and corporate litigation, with a focus on class actions and antitrust litigation on the plaintiff side. The firm’s attorneys have been involved in some of the largest settlements and disputes in Europe.

The founding partners of Lindenbaum, Damiën Berkhout and Stefan Tuinenga were previously partners at the litigation firm Scott+Scott, where they helped start the Dutch office in 2019.  

Berkhout is the managing partner of the firm. He specializes in complex corporate, commercial and class action claims. Berkhout has a track record as both a defence- and plaintiff-side litigator. He recently acted as lead counsel for eight multinationals in the trucks cartel case, and for the Take Back Your Privacy Foundation in its WAMCA class action against TikTok. He also represented the supervisory board of AkzoNobel during its successful takeover battle defence against PPG, and was involved in the largest European class settlement to date, the Fortis/Ageas WCAM. Previously, he worked as a litigator at the law firms Stibbe and Paul Weiss, and served as the managing partner of the Dutch office of Scott+Scott.

Berkhout said: “We will provide our clients with the ability to engage experts who have worked as plaintiff and defence lawyers. Because we have experience on both sides, we know what strategies work. Lindenbaum will focus on representing victims of unlawful behaviour, and those victims can be multinationals or consumers. Our mission is to combat cartels, breaches of ESG regulations and mismanagement.

Tuinenga specializes in international antitrust litigation and collective actions. Tuinenga worked on many high profile European antitrust cases and has experience litigating on both the plaintiff and defence side, including the power cables, trucks, air cargo, and gas insulated switchgear cartel cases.  He also represented the Consumer Competition Claims Foundation in a collective action claim on behalf of European consumers against Apple. Tuinenga led the antitrust litigation department of Scott+Scott in the Netherlands. Previously, he helped establish and was the director of the Fair Trade Authority of Curaçao, and he worked as an antitrust attorney at the law firm Stibbe.

Tuinenga said: “Our mission is to ensure that companies, investors and consumers can effectively enforce their rights. We are excited to open the doors of our litigation-only law firm.

Press coverage

Please find press coverage about the opening of Lindenbaum here:

Mr.: “Advocatenkantoor Lindenbaum vestigt zich in Amsterdam” “Partners van Scott+Scott openen nieuw litigation kantoor in Amsterdam

Global Data Review: “Scott+Scott partners leave to form new litigation firm

Damiën Berkhout

Damiën Berkhout

Partner, dispute resolution expert


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